My #WCW: Jhene Aiko

She’s so beautiful.

She's beautiful

Of course I listen to her a lot! And I mean A LOT!!! That sometimes, I just hate her for having my ears and heart. She's not deep but just being honest. My favorite compilation of her is 'Sail Out'

Everybody’s like he’s no item, please don’t like them, he don’t wife them, he one nights them
I never listened. No I shoulda figured though
All that shit you was spitting so unoriginal
But it was you so I was with it
Then tell you the truth wish we never did it

Cause I usually do stick to the business
But you came out the blue and then you just flipped it
God damn baby, my mind’s blown
Be forgetting you live in a different time zone
Think I know what this is, it’s just the time’s wrong
Yeah I know what you did
But baby I’m grown and my love is patient and kind, and shit
This is real we can build, through different types of shit
If you was really the realest wouldn’t be fighting it
I think your pride is just in the way
Funny how everything changed once you got all that you wanted, nothing was ever the same

She’s like a mix of Sade, Frank Ocean and Drake in one. Very ethereal and mellow.

jhene 2

#MCM – Lance Gross

lance-gross-bodyMy #MCM today is someone who got me crossing all my T’s, dotting all my I’s and blushing on Instagram in an almost desperate attempt to get his attention. He might be out of my league but drooling is allowed. I’m crushed! And here’s why; Continue reading